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What is Refereum?

Refereum rewards you for sharing and playing video games. We shift game marketing budgets away from advertising corporations and into your pocket. Whether you have one friend or millions of fans, your influence and opinions mean a lot to game companies, and they want to say thanks by giving you awesome stuff (and we make that easy for them).

What does this all mean for me?

Awesome game rewards

From just playing, streaming and sharing games, you can earn exclusive in game items, new games, physical merch, and even cash money.

Support game devs you love

Making and marketing games is really hard. You support your favorite developers by helping them market their game with your influence, no matter how big or small.

Collection of some non identifying meta-data

To reward you, we have to collect tiny encrypted chunks of anonymous data so you can claim rewards. It’s much less data than any social networking website, but if rewards are not your thing, you can opt out too.

Data stored:

  • Anonymous
  • Encrypted (Bank level security)
  • Never sold
  • GDPR compliant

Our team at Refereum is filled with gamers just like you who care a lot about data privacy and how your data is used. We go above and beyond when it comes to offering you transparency about that data, and allow you to opt out if you’re not a fan of the rewards.

Additional Details:


What data might be collected to provide rewards?

We don’t collect any personally identifiable data, and even anonymous data is secured. Only the minimum amount of data to reward is ever collected.

The vast majority of games collected countless data entries to improve their games. This data data is much more limited. It might include:

  • If a game was run for the first time or not, to credit the appropriate reward
  • An event timestamp to check for certain time based rewards
  • Referring web-page or the person who referred to credit the reward
  • IP address or relevant game event to confirm reward should be credited
  • A game-supplied user id to credit your account for certain rewards
  • Non-identifying metadata

As requested from our players, with only this anonymous data, you can even sometimes retroactively claim rewards (see below for more details). As always, if something changes, we’ll update it here and let you know.

When / How do you collect data?

Data is collected in two instances:

  1. A click of a referral link (anonymous)
  2. At startup of the game (anonymous)

What security steps are you taking with the data that you collect?

We use bank level security to keep collected data safe. We adhere to strict internal policies and mitigation built from the ground up to ensure security.

Are you GDPR compliant? Where can I learn more?

Yes, we are. You can find more here.

Where are you Privacy Policy and Terms of Service?

View our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Why do this?

Game developers are dumping money into traditional ad campaigns where effectiveness and ROI can’t be confirmed. This horribly inefficient system means that millions of dollars are being invested on ad campaigns that that could be going to fans and to improving their games, instead of going towards old-fashioned and outmoded ad banners.

How do I get rewards?

Visit, find the game you want to refer, copy your unique link, share it with a friend, and make sure they play the game within a 24 hour window. We won’t know who installed the game as our data is anonymous, but we can tell somebody did. Consider encouraging them to come sign up for too!

Can rewards be retro active or can I claim past rewards?

After hearing and responding to player requests, we’ve also added the ability for some (not all!) rewards you were eligible for in the past to be claimed. Game developer and Refereum rewards are claimed via a Refereum account. If you want to claim your rewards or sometimes even claim retroactive rewards, simply sign up for an account.

Would this ever impact my game or gaming experience?

Nope, Refereum does not affect your gaming experience, and does not run in the background.

What if I have more questions?

We’re are always here to answer them. Please feel free to contact us with any question at

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