How to create an ETH wallet

An ETH wallet is a wallet for cryptocurrency. An ETH address is your unique address pointing to your wallet. Whoever you give it to can send you tokens to your wallet. You can also send crypto tokens from your wallet to someone else's wallet.

MetaMask is the recommended ERC20 wallet for RFR tokens. By using MetaMask you can keep track of your tokens directly on

It also enables instant access to your wallet through your Google Chrome toolbar.

Let's get started:

Step 1: First you will need to add MetaMask to your Chrome bar.
Click "Add to Chrome".

Step 2: A small window will pop up. Click "Add extension".

Step 3: You will be redirected to a MetaMask intro video. Once you've watched the video click the MetaMask icon on your toolbar. Read and accept the Privacy notice and Terms of Use.

Step 4: Create your password to encrypt your new DEN.

Step 5: The next screen will show your 12 seed words. You’ll be able to restore your MetaMask account with these, so be sure to copy them down and keep them somewhere safe.

Step 6: Once you've saved your seed words, you’ll be able to use your new wallet. From here you can buy and send tokens, as well as add other wallets to your MetaMask account for easy access to all your cryptocurrencies.

MetaMask is our recommended ETH wallet.

To create your MyEtherWallet start here.

Pay attention to the URL at the top of the page —it should match the one in the picture. (When setting up your MyEtherWallet you will not be able to go back, so pay close attention and save everything as you go. You may want to capture screenshots of your information so you don’t lose track.)

Step 1: Enter your password and click "Create New Wallet." Passwords containing a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols are the most secure.

Step 2: Download and save your Keystore File. You may want to copy it to more than one place. There is no way to recover this file once you click continue.

Step 3: Save your private key by copying and pasting it into a document or writing it down somewhere safe. Print your paper wallet and store it safely as well. Then continue to save your address.

Step 4: Here you can choose how you want to access your account. If you have a MetaMask wallet you can quickly add your new MyEtherWallet by selecting MetaMask/Mist from the list. Otherwise, select “Private Key.”

Step 5: Make sure to copy your address and add it to your account. Remember: DO NOT SHARE YOUR PRIVATE KEY with anyone.

You’re ready to go!

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