How do I get started earning rewards on

Step 1: Visit, where you’ll find the “Register for Refereum” button at the top of the screen. You can also find a link to the registration/sign-in page in the bottom-left corner anywhere on the site.

Step 2: Select one of the options to register on with your Discord, Twitch, or Mixer account. You will be taken to the external site to complete your registration.

We currently do not support registration via email address. While we may bring back the ability to register via email in future, as well as support for registering through other social networks such as Facebook, we still strongly recommend registering with a Discord, Twitch, or Mixer account — many of Refereum’s quests utilize these services and will require you to link your account to complete them.


Step 3: Once you’re signed in and return to, you’re ready to begin questing!On the Games page, you’ll see multiple “hubs” — each hub represents a game or a featured streamer. Find the hub for a game that you enjoy playing, or for a streamer whose content you enjoy engaging with, and click “Subscribe”. 

Once you’ve clicked into a hub, you’ll see a list of quests that you can complete to earn points. These may range from following a Twitter account to watching a stream on Twitch or Mixer. To begin a quest, click on its points button. Once you’ve completed a quest, the button will change to say “Claim” — click on it again to claim your points!

The number of points you earn will fill the progress bar at the top of the hub, and this will determine which rewards tier you fall in for the current campaign; you can view the prizes for each tier on the right side of the hub. When a campaign ends, you will earn the rewards listed for the tier that you finish in. Happy questing!

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